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Republic navy/red

Künstler: Nate, Columbia MO USA
Marke: Bucketfeet

A more perfect union. That`s the message behind these BucketFeet by Kansas-based Nate Compton whose design reflects the colors of the American flag, and, by his estimation, American pride. He applied a geometric pattern because he believes that pattern takes everything back to its rawest form and inspires improvement. This piece is a call to Americans to continue working towards making their country a better place.

   - Slip-on Silhouette
   - 100% Baumwollstoff
   - Von einem Künstler designed
   - Qualitativer Siebdruck
   - Massagebubbles auf der Sohle
   - Herausnehmbare Innensohle
   - Waschbar in der Waschmaschine (30 Grad)

CHF 49.90
≈ 47.80 €
Bei Bestellungen ausserhalb der Schweiz wird
dem Verkaufspreis 7.7% MwSt. abgezogen.