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Pineappleade paloma

Artist: DJ LU, Colombia
Brand: Bucketfeet

The art on this premium leather slip-on packs a political punch. As the signature stencil of Colombian street artist DJ Lu, the pineapple-meets-grenade design can be seen all over Bogotá, reminding city dwellers of the armed conflict that displaced the outer region’s farmers. Support DJ Lu’s empowering message withthese versatile grey-debossed suede slip-ons.

   - Premium leather, embossed print
   - Slip-on silhouette
   - 100% cotton lining
   - Cushion and comfort bubbles
   - Removable in-sole

CHF 49.90
≈ 50.55 €
Bei Bestellungen ausserhalb der Schweiz wird
dem Verkaufspreis 7.7% MwSt. abgezogen.