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Birds of a Feather Blue-Grey

Artist: Sinead Carus, Grayslake IL USA
Brand: Bucketfeet

We can learn a lot from birds. A study of these graceful animals was the inspiration for the “Birds of a Feather” Bucketfeet design. This illustration, depicting the free-flowing feathers scattered against the blue front of this slip-on gives the feeling of freedom and simply going with the flow.

   - Chukka Boot silhouette
   - Felt and Canvas Material
   - 100% cotton lining
   - Artist-designed screenprint
   - Cushion and comfort bubbles
   - Removable in-sole
   - High quality screenprint

CHF 49.90
≈ 51.27 €
Bei Bestellungen ausserhalb der Schweiz wird
dem Verkaufspreis 7.7% MwSt. abgezogen.