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Que Bajo blk

Artist: Diego Gutierrez, Brooklyn, NY USA
Brand: Bucketfeet

Inspired by legendary NYC global bass party ‘Que Bajo’, these canvas slip-ons are your go-to dancing shoes! Diego Gutierrez reinterprets the iconic Que Bajo rooster as an amalgam of multiple Aztec gods, powerfully showcasing both his talent as a graphic illustrator and his Mexican roots. Dancing alongside past logo iterations by Argentinian artist Pam Melinger, Diego’s detailed, monochrome design adds a contemporary layer to the ancient art of the Aztec Gods just as the Que Bajo parties add contemporary electronic sounds to traditional Latin American rhythms.

   - Slip on silhouette
   - 100% cotton lining
   - Artist-designed screenprint on canvas
   - Cushion and comfort bubbles
   - Removable in-sole
   - High quality screenprint
   - Machine wash cold; air dry

CHF 49.90
≈ 45.97 €
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