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Pineappleade black/gold

Artist: DJ LU, Colombia
Brand: Bucketfeet

Bogota artist DJ Lu injects a playful dose of political statement into these bold slip-ons, which are an inverse-take on his original signature Pineappleades.

   - Slip-On silhouette
   - Artist-designed shoes
   - 10$ royalty paid back to the artist
   - Durable 82% polyester, 18% cotton material blend
   - Rubber sole for dependable traction
   - Cushion & comfort bubbles
   - Removable in-sole
   - High-quality dye sublimation heat transfer print
   - Machine wash cold; air dry

EU 41
CHF 49.90
CHF 24.95
≈ 25.37 €
Bei Bestellungen ausserhalb der Schweiz wird
dem Verkaufspreis 7.7% MwSt. abgezogen.