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Tiger grey

Künstler: Jose Mertz, Miami, FL USA
Marke: Bucketfeet

The suede toe and heel on these canvas lace-ups highlight the intricately detailed art of a black tiger, created by the Miami-based Jose Mertz. Like much of his work, the idea for Mertz`s design came from the art of ancient civilizations—namely, the Japanese Tokugawa, a 250-year period of peace, political stability, and prosperity in Japan. These luxe sneakers are shining examples of Jose`s talents for both traditional drawing and graphic design.

   - Teil in Wildleder
   - Lace-up Silhouette
   - Von einem Künstler designed
   - Qualitativer Siebdruck
   - Massagebubbles auf der Sohle
   - Herausnehmbare Innensohle

CHF 129.00
≈ 113.35 €
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