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Flamingo glit pink/white

Künstler: Lindsay Cowcher, United Kingdom
Marke: Bucketfeet

Living in London, there’s no shortage of inspiration for illustrator and textile designer Lindsay Cowcher. “You see people wearing so many colors and patterns, it’s a constant source of inspiration. There’s just so much going, so many textures, both old and new.” It’s this wonder with her physical surroundings that has led to her successful art career, creating pieces inspired in equal parts by city and country life. Her metallic-foiled Flamingo BucketFeet are no different, with the metallic accent harkening to her urban background and the flamingo directly tying back to her fascination with nature.

   - Slip-on Silhouette
   - 100% Baumwollstoff
   - Von einem Künstler designed
   - Qualitativer Siebdruck
   - Massagebubbles auf der Sohle
   - Herausnehmbare Innensohle
   - Waschbar in der Waschmaschine (30 Grad)

CHF 99.90
≈ 87.78 €
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